Many new applications/services/microservices are hosted in some form of a cloud network, such as a private, public, or hybrid cloud. This means the network connecting applications/services/microservices to clients is critical infrastructure that is needed to facilitate a good user-experience. However, some cloud network environments that utilize datacenter fabrics may have limited visibility with regard to observability and/or awareness of different network events (e.g., failures, service faults, potential performance optimizations, etc.). Provided herein are techniques through which Service-Level Agreement (SLA) decisions that may be made by third-party tools can be consumed in order to drive flow steering in a datacenter fabric utilizing local, hardware-assisted switch mechanisms. Such techniques may provide for the ability to replace/assist tool/controller interactions by offloading control plane changes for scenarios involving SLA violations, which may result in faster SLA resolution utilizing hardware-assisted switching.

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Creative Commons License
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