Vinod Kamalaraj


In current Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) mobile core networks, when the Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) and/or the Session Management Function (SMF) interacts with the Unified Data Management (UDM)/Unified Data Repository (UDR), three steps are involved: performing a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) GET step to request subscription information for a user equipment (UE), performing subscription creation for subscription information changes, and performing registration creation to enable other network functions (NFs) to query the UDM to determine which AMF/SMF is currently serving the UE. Such steps, however, can introduce inefficiencies in the network. In order to address such potential inefficiencies, techniques are presented herein through which a custom UDM Application Programming Interface (API) can be provided that combines the current APIs that are used to perform the three steps involved in UDM/UDR interactions.

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Creative Commons License
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