This document describes a technique for processing voice commands received by a voice activated computing system to identify correlations between sponsored content provided to the user over a voice activated computing system and offline purchase activity. A voice activated computing system processes the voice commands received from the user and identifies non-sponsored and sponsored content related to the voice commands. The sponsored content is presented to the user via a voice assistant device or another available device accessible to the user, such as the user’s smartphone, tablet, etc. The user may act in response to the sponsored content, such as purchasing a product or service advertised in the sponsored content. However, the users actions may take place offline. That is, the user may purchase the product or service at a brick-and-mortar store or purchase it at an internet store a long time after the user responds to the sponsored content. By determining correlations between the users responses and any subsequent purchases, the system can provide merchants with estimates of the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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