The invention relates to the direct regeneration of NMC cathode active material from cathode scraps or spent lithium ion batteries using a non-toxic solvent. The usage of non-toxic solvent reduces the high temperature heating process and release of toxic gases during the removal of binders in the direct recycling process. Generally, PVDF binder is used for the manufacturing cathodes. During the direct recycling process after the delamination process, the binders are removed via heating or solution method. The major problem of heating the delaminated powders at higher temperatures is the release of HF gas during the decomposition of binders. Thus a solvent method was adopted by using some solvents like NMP, DMF to dissolve the binders. But these solvents are toxic in nature, thus herein the invention provides a non-toxic solvent which can be used for delamination and dissolution of binders. The delaminated cathode powders will be free from binders and could be directly regenerated skipping the heating process.

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Creative Commons License
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