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This publication describes techniques for determining an optimal display module‑level white point target for a display module considering a device‑level white point calibration brightness drop. In aspects, a distribution of display modules includes a distribution of module‑level white points that are centered around a module‑level white point target. A computing device manufacturer fits a two‑dimensional Gaussian function to the distribution and calculates an average brightness drop for the distribution once calibrated to a device‑level white point target. Using the Gaussian function, the manufacturer recalculates the average brightness drop for a shifted distribution. The manufacturer repeats this process until an optimal module‑level white point target that includes a minimum average brightness drop is determined. The manufacturer includes a new distribution of display modules centered around the optimal module‑level white point target in computing devices that have a display. Thus, after device‑level white point calibration, the average brightness drop in the computing devices is minimized.

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Creative Commons License
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