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Most people may have experiences that they may encounter the lower battery condition during having an important conference call outside and couldn’t find the socket. Or another scenario is about power consumption validation of system idle mode during development and still see abnormal symptom that power consumption is over our specification. It is observed that transmitter output power of wifi module always adopts the maximum TX power value to communicate with AP (access point) no matter long or short distance. From this point of view, we have a thought that is to lower output power and gain additional power consumption saving, but no affecting wifi user experience. Moreover, we also have noticed that there is 20% power consumption gap by comparing the TX output power value 18dBm and 5dBm. Hence, we come out a logic to improve the power consumption through latency value judgement of OS background service to add or reduce TX output power value dynamically in S0 and MSC (modem standby connected). This will make users extend their usage time of laptop when user can’t find out the socket and additional methodology to solve the abnormal power consumption in MSC by TX output power constraint.

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Creative Commons License
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