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Current disclosure will present a revolutionary implementation for large format printers’ off‐axis printheads (PHs). PHs are normally affected to different possible issues that should affect Image Quality (IQ). One of them is the lack of ink fired, also known as starvation. This issue happens when PHs ingest air along the life of usage and high flow rate is required, in that case, the off‐axis Ph is not able to refill enough and produces lack of ink in the substrate or even a temperature issue with consequently damage of the PH. The introduction of using the PILS sensor that could detect the amount of residual ink will provide information about the residual jobs remaining and help the customer to maximize the production. In addition, the PILS sensor will help to ensure IQ performance and increase the information about the technology and the usability of the pen. This information should be used automatically by the printer to plan the next job or even change the printing speed to avoid problems of IQ or even damage the machine for high temperature triggering. In addition, the servicing will be optimized because if some nozzle out is detected the printer should recognize that is due to lack of ink or to other causes. These will lead to faster decision taking, saving time, ink, and media, and giving to the customer a feeling of a smarter, more sustainable, faster, and productive product.

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