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Currently, to level an Indigo digital press, a laser leveler along with regular leveling cubes are used. Two, or more, leveling cubes are placed on each side of the leveled module (feeder/in-line primer/ etc.). Then, a laser leveler projects a laser beam on them. An operator is adjusting the leveling legs so that all the leveling cubes are aligned with the same horizontal laser line. However, while leveling the rear side of the press, it is impossible to see the laser beam projection on the leveling cube. So the operator needs to walk to the front of the press after every adjustment of the leveling leg to inspect the impact, which is very not comfortable nor effective. Furthermore, sometimes the cubes are placed in very dark areas inside the leveled modules, which makes it very hard to see the leveling status. this disclosure is designed to simplify the process by giving a distinct and clearly visible indication of the leveling status, from all directions- front and rear. The operator can proceed with the adjustments of the leg until he sees the cube indication.

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Creative Commons License
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