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Many video conferencing applications support massive collaborative virtual meetings of tens or even hundreds of people. In these applications, each participant in the conference who is in the same virtual meeting room can hear when any of the other participants in the virtual room speak. Such a setup can be limiting since it does not support scenarios in which users desire decentralized, point-to-point voice communication among a chosen subset of meeting participants within a virtual video conferencing space. This disclosure describes techniques to enable participants in a video conference to engage in point-to-point voice conversations with other users, akin to whispering among meeting attendees in a physical meeting space. Users can hold such sidebar conversations via audio without disrupting other participants of the video conference despite staying connected to the virtual meeting room in which the video conference is taking place. By mimicking the experience of sidebar conversations in meetings and conferences held in physical spaces, the techniques can enhance the user experience (UX) of engaging in such conversations via video conferencing applications.

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Creative Commons License
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