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Near-field communication (NFC) capabilities of mobile devices to make contactless payments at the point of purchase by taking an explicit triggering action, such as double pressing the power button. Once a user triggers the NFC payment mode on the user device, the device enters a listening mode for a short time interval to establish a connection with a payment host. If the user accidentally triggers the NFC payment mode an unintended payment may result. This disclosure describes techniques to automatically make contextually appropriate adjustments to the NFC payment wait time interval with user permission. The device context is determined based on user-permitted contextual data such as sensor readings related to device position or orientation. A trained machine learning model analyzes such data and outputs a temporal scaling weight that is used to adjust the wait time. Such adjustment can minimize the security risk of unintentional payment without negatively affecting the usual user experience (UX) of making NFC payments.

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Creative Commons License
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