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The invention relates to the simplified and quick installation of the kitchen hood at the ceiling above an island (or wall) positioned the cooking hob at a certain height, without the need to measure the height of the kitchen hood at the same time, by the assembling of the functional unit of the kitchen hood (venting part-chimney) with a support structure of the kitchen hood, already positioned, oriented and fixed.

To support the concept of simplified installation of the hood, the vertical section of the hood support is done in the form of the vertical “U-profile” channel that has more cut-offs, displaced at its back wall following a matrix form, and marked by numbers indicating the hood installation height. The range of the hood’s vertical positioning into the channel could variate up to 300mm, with steps of 50mm.

Through the hood installation approach, it is predicted that the hood chimney section should be inserted into the cavity of the vertical channel up to a certain height, being hooked here into cut-offs, by the snapping mechanism in form of a spring hook or the quick-release fasteners.

Once inserted and hooked at the final position the hood should be screwed, afterwhile the aesthetic panels could be fixed (by magnetic snaping) to its ventilation section and support structure, following a specific procedure.

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