Currently, cluster formation through a network management system (NMS) within a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a manual, multi-step process that is error-prone and time-consuming and which requires multiple interventions (along with validations) by a user at each and every intermediate step. Moreover, that process is extremely difficult to scale with the increased cluster sizes that are required in larger deployments. To address the types of challenges that were described above, techniques are presented herein that support an end-to-end automation of the above-described cluster provisioning process. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass the scanning of an inter-cluster network and the automatic discovery of peer nodes that are viable for cluster formation; the automatic checking of prerequisites for cluster formation (which may include checks regarding a central processing unit (CPU), memory, disk resources, a persona, and a current software version); and support for a ‘one touch’ provisioning tool that may be employed by a network equipment vendor’s support staff or a customer to manage, expand, discover, form, etc. a cluster.

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