A federated and decentralized metadata system and its application to open source software package origin, license and vulnerabilities metadata sharing and curation.

This publication describes a new system and approach that supports decentralized and federated metadata aggregation and sharing to remove data silos, distribute control, improve availability and enable distributed and social review over this metadata.

Such a system is designed to effectively allow large scale sharing and exchange of metadata using open systems and to support the efficient curation, and peer review of the metadata through self-organizing networks of reputable or trusted peers based on social networking.

This system supports decentralized and distributed metadata collection and federated multi-aggregation of the metadata to avoid single points of control, avoid walled gardens and exclusive gated access, or the lack of availability due to system failure or shutdown of a central system with a goal to improve availability, resilience of the system while lowering the overall effort and compute cost required to achieve these results.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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