The actual demand for products can vary significantly from the forecasted demand in terms of time, quantity, mix, etc., leading to un-squared sets of inventory, inventory-holding costs, obsolescence risks, etc. Existing supply-chain tools can check if a certain demand for a set product mix can be met with existing inventory but offer no view into potential mixes of product configurations that can be built from existing inventory. This disclosure describes a squared-set analyzer (SSA), a decision-support tool that aids users in deciding products (and product use-cases and configurations) that can be built from existing and expected inventory. Accounting for competing objectives (cost, fulfillment speed, demand specifications), the many-to-many mapping between components and products, product capabilities and transitions, etc., the SSA ‘pushes’ supply to be consumed (in contrast to the conventional tools that attempt to ‘pull’ available inventory based on forecasted demand), enabling a rapid and profitable management of supply.

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