The latency between audio and video streams of a device is usually measured using stock test videos. Although the use of stock test videos eases analysis, the test video differs materially from real-world videos, which tend to be far more diverse in content and encoding schemes, resulting in laborious experimental setup and inaccurate synchronization. This disclosure describes techniques to measure the latency between the audio and video streams of a given device using arbitrary, real-world, audio-visual footage (test video). Characteristic video and audio frames and their differences in timestamps (characteristic durations) are identified within the test video. The test video is played by the device-under-test while being recorded by a high-precision video camera. Characteristic durations of the recorded footage are determined. The differences in characteristic durations between the test and the recorded videos are statistically analyzed to determine the AV asynchrony of the device-under-test.

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Creative Commons License
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