In an emergency call, it is critical to provide accurate location and identity from the user equipment (UE) to the emergency service. However, the identity of the user equipment (UE) is known to the emergency service only when the UE is registered with the network. UE registration can be unreliable or unsuccessful in regions of marginal wireless coverage. This disclosure describes techniques to enable a UE, e.g., a smartphone or other mobile device, to attempt registration on a public land-mobile network (PLMN) for emergency calls in areas with marginal wireless coverage. If previous registration failure is traced to poor wireless coverage, the PLMN is placed on a disable-PLMN list. Upon the dialing of an emergency call, the PLMN is removed from the list. A stored-frequency scan enables a rapid attachment to the (previously disabled) PLMN. The techniques enable faster emergency service with accurate and relevant user information provided quickly to the PSAP server.

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Creative Commons License
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