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In areas with poor cellular network coverage, Wi-Fi calling mode can enable users to place and receive phone calls. However, manual selection of calling modes is cumbersome. Further, a user device may shift between Wi-Fi calling and cellular calling modes based on current signal conditions for the networks which can lead to a poor call experience. This disclosure describes techniques for the preferential selection of Wi-Fi calling as a calling mode for a user device based on a particular wireless local area network (WLAN). A user can specify a set of wireless network identifiers (SSIDs) for which Wi-Fi calling mode is preferred. When the device is connected to a network in the preferred set, Wi-Fi calling is automatically selected when placing or receiving phone calls on the user device. The user can provide such preferences at a time of initial setup of a mobile phone or other device, or during its subsequent usage. Techniques of this disclosure enhance user experience of phone calls via a Wi-Fi capable user device by enabling users to dynamically specify a calling mode without the need to specify the Wi-Fi calling preference change each time when placing a call, e.g., using a dialer application on the device.

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Creative Commons License
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