The present invention discloses a tokenization ticket master system where in which a consumer 101 enters sensitive data into an event checkout page which is displayed/presented on a user device 102. The event checkout page presented/displayed on the user device 102 posts the sensitive data to an event server 103. The sensitive data is then sent to a tokenization server 104, where the data is securely stored, and a token is created to represent the sensitive data. A token ID is returned to the event server 103 and the token ID is encoded as a QR code. The token may be generated using, but not limited to Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). The event server and the tokenization server may interact via Application Program Interface (API). In one embodiment, the QR code is displayed to the consumer 101 on a receipt page on the user device 102. The consumer 101 may print the QR code with a QR printer 105 or may save the QR code as a digital file in the user device 102. In an embodiment, known techniques can be used to generate the QR code.

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Creative Commons License
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