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The concept is to give a heatsink fin that can transform geometry ability. The purpose is to enlarge the heatsink size to increase the heat dissipated area and increase the flow space to improve flow convention efficiency.  Thermal part o Fin: a flexible or adjustable fin structure that can increase the width of Air flow space from D to (D+½ d), which would help decrease the flow speed to reduce the noise. o Fan: Where fins transform, and the air gap between the desk and NB bottom surface (bottom air inlet) is also increased, the fan can suck air with better efficiency and noise will be lower at the same fan speed.  ME part o The transformation structure is designed on thermal fin and D‐cover o The transformation is triggered by an ambient sensor that detects the system temperature. 1) System temperature is high and over the T,limit 2) System still has the margin that can be triggered CPU/GPU overclocking o D‐cover (bottom fin was fixed together) and was fixed at C‐ cover by another side. D‐cover with a bottom fin can be pushed up and down by a small motor.  PCA part o Keyboard use Hotkey or special button to control Expand FIN. o When detect Over temperature event to do some actions.

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