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Here we disclose a novel dual-faced structured fabric and its design method. The dual-faced structuredffabric consists of 3D re-entrant unit cells interlocked in a chain mail structure with different unit cell arrangements on its top and bottom surfaces. The combined design of the energy-absorbing re-entrant unit cells and their unique topological interlocking synergistically strengthens the structured fabric and makes it superior to a wide range of materials proposed for wearable applications. The flexible structured fabric fabricated from polyamide 12 (PA12) by the Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technique demonstrates high specific energy absorption and specific strength of up to 1530 J/kg and 5900 N·m/kg, respectively, together with an excellent recovery ratio of around 80%, thereby overcoming the strength–recoverability trade-off. The dual-faced structured fabric can be processed by other materials and printing techniques. For example, the structured fabric can be printed using a super alloy for ultra-high-strength and/or high-temperature applications. The combined design in the unit cells and their interlocking would broaden the application prospects of fabric-based materials toward shape-adaptive protection such as medical supports and precision component packaging, as well as military and aerospace safety equipment.

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Creative Commons License
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