This document describes systems and processes for an advertising platform. The advertising platform increases a size of a target audience (e.g., advertising list of an advertising campaign) of an advertiser by using information that is known about the visitors to the advertiser’s website. The advertising platform can enable advertisers (e.g., website administrators or other such online content providers) to expand advertising to web users that have similar interests to users that have visited the website (e.g., visitors, customers, etc.) of the advertiser. These similar users are more likely to purchase a product from the advertiser than a typical web user. The advertising platform uses click data to characterize users of an initial user list. The initial user list can be small when compared to the online marketplace as a whole. The advertising platform uses the click data of users of the initial user list (e.g., a seed list) to represent the users of the initial user list. The advertising platform uses the click data refer additional web users to the list and generate a target list. Each user of the initial user list is limited to a maximum number of referrals to the target list to maintain diversity in the type of user on the target list, such that no user’s click data model dominates the target list.

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Creative Commons License
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