The technology described herein relates to a shopping engine for a mapping application that provides users with discounts and promotions (“offers”) from establishments in close proximity to the user. For example, in instances where the user consents to provide location data to the shopping engine, the shopping engine may use the user’s location to determine nearby establishments, such as stores or restaurants. The shopping engine may generate a list of offers being made by the nearby establishments. The shopping engine may provide the list of offers and the corresponding establishments to the user’s computing device. In some instances, the shopping engine may also provide the distance to the nearby establishments from where the user is located. In some examples, the list of offers and the corresponding establishments may be generated based on the user’s interests or preferences. In this regard, the user may be provided with an option to select categories, such as electronics, clothing, cosmetics, home décor, etc., for which they would like to receive offers. The shopping engine may then generate a list with only offers and corresponding establishments within the selected categories. The shopping engine may also function cohesively with electronic payment methods and allow for certain discounts and promotions based on a preferred payment method. The technology described herein allows a user to make a purchasing decision based on the most appealing offer nearest to them, making the entire purchasing process more efficient and convenient.

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Creative Commons License
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