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Participants in a physical meeting are often interested in accessing content that is presented on a display during the meeting. However, to enable participant access, the presenter needs to obtain their contact information and share a link to the contact to all participants. This manual approach is cumbersome, inefficient, and error prone. This disclosure describes techniques for seamless and dynamic sharing of content by augmenting the user interface (UI) of presented content by embedding spatial and/or temporal fingerprints. The fingerprints are invisible to the human eye, but detectable by device cameras of participants. Meeting participants can capture a photo of the screen that displays the content. The captured image is processed on-device to detect the embedded fingerprint that is linked to the content and an option to access the content is displayed to the user. The techniques described in this disclosure provide a distributed user experience (UX) for content sharing triggered by actions taken by interested participants and avoid unnecessarily broadcasting the content link to others.

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Creative Commons License
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