A contact center routes an incoming customer contact by selecting an agent based on a number of factors. One of those factors is agent proficiency, which is typically configured as different skills and attributes that are associated to an agent. Currently, such skills and attributes are manually configured in contact center solutions and updated by an agent's supervisors and management operatives based on their periodic assessment of an agent's performance and skills. Techniques are presented herein that support an automated solution for the updating of the skills, attributes, and proficiencies that are associated with contact center agents. Under aspects of the presented techniques, agent particulars may be tuned continually, on an ongoing basis, based on the different types of data that is collected during contact center operations (including, for example, call handling metrics, customer survey results, etc.) and historical metrics. Such an automated approach obviates the need for contact center supervisors and administrators to constantly tinker with agent re-skilling during contact center operations and enables a contact center to automatically provide the optimal experience for customers, agents, and supervisors.

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Creative Commons License
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