A user with no training in photography that takes pictures using a smartphone or other camera is often not able to capture attractive portrait photographs. This disclosure describes techniques to automatically determine optimal camera view-angles and frame elements, and to generate instructions to guide users to capture better composed photographs. An ultra-wide (UW) image is obtained via a stream parallel to a wide (W) image stream that the user previews during the capture of a photograph. The UW image is used as a guide to determine an optimal field of view (FoV) for the W-image, e.g., to determine an optimal foreground and background composition; to add elements that enhance artistic value; to omit elements that detract from artistic value; etc. Standard techniques of good photography, e.g., rule of thirds, optimal head orientation, etc. can be used to guide the user to obtain an optimal FoV that results in an attractive photograph.

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Creative Commons License
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