A millimeter-wave radio system enables a need-based communication between a set of radios to improve performance metrics, such as signal strength/power performance, that impact the quality of service. The system monitors performance of a radio receiver using a software engine present within the radio receiver. Based on the monitored power performance, the system makes adjustments internally as a first course of action and then provides an update to a radio transmitter. Based on this update, the radio transmitter transmits a message to the radio receiver which acts as a second course of action for the receiver to optimize the power performance. The receiver determines the received power to be either too high or too low based on the received message and consequently communicates a Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) message to the transmitter to decrease or increase the power, respectively. The transmitter decodes the received UART message to process the embedded radio ID and payload information present in the message. The system will continue to perform these steps until the power level of the signal falls within an acceptable range.

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