This publication describes techniques and apparatuses relating to powering wireless real‑time locating system tags (e.g., RTLS tags) through an external power source (e.g., an additional DC battery, connection to an AC power source). The external power source may be in addition to power supplied by the internal battery of the RTLS tag or in substitution of internal battery power. The techniques and apparatuses may include accessories utilized to externally power an RTLS tag through an external power source. One example accessory is utilized with a RTLS tag that includes a housing that can be opened by a consumer to replace the battery (e.g., by removal of a battery cover panel). In this example, the accessory is a replacement battery cover panel for the RTLS tag. By providing additional power to the RTLS tag, additional capabilities and use cases are possible. For example, use cases that benefit from lower latency and higher accuracy Angle of Arrival measurements.

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Creative Commons License
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