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The present invention, solving the problem of a enabling a user to set a timer function, provides a control method and device of a user interface (UI) having a slider control to adjust and/or set a timer for a kitchen appliance, such as a hob system. The present invention also provides a hob system using the control method. The hob system comprises a touch display unit (e.g., a TFT) and a processor communicating with each other. The UI presented on the display unit allows the user to control the hob system. The UI includes a slider bar, a clock icon, and a timer display. The clock icon is configured to switch the slider bar into the slider for setting the timer. That means that the clock icon on the UI display allows the users to activate and deactivate the entry of timer values by sliding/pressing the touch slider bar. The control method of the invention allows the user to make use of the slider bar on the UI, to set a timer value, as well as the values for power intensity levels of a cooking function. The control method of the invention comprises the steps of triggering the clock icon to switch the slider bar into the slider for setting the timer, determining whether the timer matches a target cooking zone of the hob system, and sliding or pressing the slider bar to determine the timer values of the target heating zone. Therefore, the invention provides a control method and a hob system thereof, enabling the user to easily input the numerical parameter, thus minimizing unnecessary efforts and time and making the whole user experience more intuitive.

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Creative Commons License
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