In a normal work mode, most of a company’s employees will be in an office. If those individuals would like to join a big event (such as an all-hands meeting) as a team or as a group, they are able to gather together in a telepresence (TP) room. Today, as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), many people have chosen a hybrid work mode. Under such a mode, it is not easy for all of a team’s members to gather together in the same TP room since, for example, some of the team members may work from home and other of the team members may work in an office. To address the challenge that was described above, techniques are presented herein that provide a means under which people may join a meeting or a webinar, as a visual group, from different locations in a hybrid work mode. Aspects of the presented techniques eliminate dependence on any devices.

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Creative Commons License
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