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The present invention solving the above-mentioned problem provides a single-piece burner. The single-piece burner has an integrated piece portion including an orifice holder, a burner crown, and a gas injector, wherein the integrated piece portion is obtained by an aluminum die-casting process. The burner crown of the integrated piece portion has a through hole having two ends respectively connected to the injector of the integrated piece portion and a cap assembled to the single-piece burner. The internal shape of the through hole is defined as a divergent area from the one end connected to the injector of the integrated piece portion to the other end connected to the cap. In comparison with the conventional gas burner, the Venturi convergent area has been eliminated, and the additional divergent area placed vertically above the injector is formed in the single-piece burner of the invention. By taking out the convergent area and leaving only divergent areas, the single-piece burner can be thus produced in one die-cast process. That is to say, the removal step, i.e., the demold step, of the die-cast process is thus to safely take the single-piece burner without damaging its structure. Accordingly, the invention provides a single-piece burner preventing the crown assembly in a wrong way, reducing the production cost, reducing the leakage risk, and providing the varied placement of the gas inlet.

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