This disclosure describes a lens stack (lens module) for a near-eye device that includes a lens carrier and waveguide subframe. The lens carrier and waveguide subframe fully or partially encircles and houses the waveguide and enables precision placement of the waveguide in-coupling grating with respect to controlled datums that interface with display modules. The lens carrier is made of a high strength material and provides structural support to the waveguide. The material is opaque and helps to minimize stray light in the display system by reducing edge glow from waveguide. The lens carrier and waveguide subframe additionally provide a locating surface for the WS and ES lenses. Utilization of the lens carrier and waveguide subframe leads to better drop impact strength. Optical tooling and coating processes are simplified. Further, the design enables a larger choice of materials for both the lens carrier and the ophthalmic lenses. Additional features and functionality can be added to the lens carrier and waveguide subframe to support other smart glass features. The design also supports assembly via additional mechanical datums or fiducials to the carrier for holding/location the module during manufacturing and alignment/testing

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Creative Commons License
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