When users are employing a meeting within an online communication and collaboration facility (which brings together capabilities such as video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, webinars, Web conferencing, and calling), the process of migrating the meeting from a personal computer (PC) to a mobile device is frequently difficult and may even be annoying. For example, a user may need to repeat the complete meeting process (such as entering a password, confirming a disclaimer, etc.) and their account and meeting status may also be lost during the process. To address the type of challenge that was described above, techniques are presented herein that provide a complete process to solve users' pain points. Aspects of the presented techniques support an automatic, fast, seamless, and secure feature which may be referred to as “move meeting.” Further aspects of the presented techniques offer a user experience comprising two parts (a PC side and a mobile side), leverage a quick response (QR) code, incorporate a backend system, and employ application programming interface (API) calls.

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Creative Commons License
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