Based on a number of factors (including the available bandwidth, network issues, or service provider issues), when a call is made that call may or not be successful. Additionally, the quality of a call may also experience a setback due to those factors. Currently, there is no “beforehand” guidance system in place within a call control ecosystem which can alert a user to the probable relevant issues before a call is made. Techniques are presented herein that address that deficiency. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass a Real-time Intelligent Insights Engine as part of a real-time calling solution (within, for example, an online communication and collaboration facility). Such an Insights Engine may monitor various important dimensions of a voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) deployment and provide a caller with a real-time beforehand prediction, through a recommendation facility, based on a sliding timeframe (comprising, for example, the last "n" minutes) when a to-be-called number is dialed (but before the call is handed over to the network). Depending upon such a recommendation, a caller may decide the fate of their call accordingly. For example, if the caller still wishes to continue then the call may be placed. Alternatively, the caller may abort (or postpone) the call according to the recommendation.

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