The invention detects using computer vision algorithms, for the video conferencing system user, whether in call or outside call, the user has been sitting or standing at one location for the set duration of time and need to stand-up or take a walk. This experience is currently available through wearable technology where if user is wearing smart watch embedded with appropriate sensors, then the watch can detect such scenarios and then users can stand-up and take a walk. The computer vision-based detection methodology can run from any compute resources, be in the camera compute (CPU, GPU, DSP, specialized AI compute) or desktop application for the purpose of practicality; it can also be realized through the cloud computing infrastructure, though there is an additional element of cost and connectivity associated with sending the images to the cloud through internet. That makes the proposed invention applicable to wide range of products: All video camera products, desktop application, and cloud-based solutions. It also opens the possibility of exposing this service in the form of API to third party video calling services such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, BlueJeans, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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