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Printer (100,000) stackers uses paper aviation depositing concept. This means a printed page, after exiting a NIP roller, is being released to air, the page is flying using artificial air flows inside stacker depositing area till it reaches Y stopper, then lands on stack while being corrected in X & Y position by active joggers. Artificial air flows inside depositing area includes an air cushion function. Air cushion is a feature which generates air flow under the upcoming page which acts like a cushion. this enables the upcoming page to float above the stacked pile, reach Y stopper and then land on the pile. Otherwise, the page would land on the stack before reaching Y stopper by gravitational force. The air flow under the page on the other hand, generates a stall effect (raise its nose) of leading edge (LE) of the upcoming page. An additional component is needed to prevent the page LE stall. Floating blades inside the depositing area of the stacker were added to prevent the upcoming page to raise its LE and to get higher and therefore, stuck against depositing components which creates paper jams. The current flat blades are not functioning that well as they deflect downwards under self-weight and create high friction with the upcoming page.

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