This disclosure describes techniques for fault detection and diagnosis in main and auxiliary (master-slave) systems in a computing device that are coupled via a cable or connector. Per techniques of this disclosure, a multi-level pin is provided on a host System-on-a-Chip (SoC) of the master system that connects to a multi-level voltage generation circuit included in the slave systems. The multi-level voltage generation circuit utilizes a voltage divider that includes multiple parallel resistors and switches to produce a particular voltage level on a pin of cable and/or connector that is indicative of a state of the slave system. The host SoC can verify the state of each voltage regulator and/or connectors just by detecting the voltage level at the multi-level pin. Each particular voltage level is mapped to an operating state of the cable/connector that connects the master system to the slave systems as well as the state of individual voltage regulators on the slave systems.

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Creative Commons License
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