In a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system, LEO satellites can collect data and relay the data to ground stations. Today, many countries and regions within the world (e.g., the European Union (EU), provinces or states within a country, or a country itself) have strict data sovereignty policies that do not allow sensitive data to be transmitted outside of national, regional, state, or provincial borders. Thus, if a LEO satellite is to collect ground terminal data from a sensor device (such as operational data of non-urban emergency vehicles), it must do so within bounds of the data residency and sovereignty polices based on the location of the customer. In other words, for the LEO satellite to be compliant, it cannot relay data to just any ground station - it must do to one that meets the requirements of the sovereignty policy. Presented herein is a technique to enforce data sovereignty policies when data is collected by LEO satellites in order to ensure that, when the data is passed back to ground stations, data sovereignty policies are enforced.

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