This disclosure describes techniques for in-situ detection of failures in optical components. Conductive clear coatings, e.g., Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings are applied to optically transparent components. Measurements of resistance or capacitance across the coated layers are utilized for the detection of component failure(s) and/or surface contamination on optical surfaces. ITO is optically transparent and electrically conductive, thereby enabling detection of failures without affecting normal functionality of an optical device. For example, ITO is applied as a trace on a surface of the optical component to form an ITO trace network. Component breakage is detected based on a conductance measurement across the ITO trace network. In some cases, the ITO trace network and conductance measurement system can be applied to all optical surfaces on the component, thereby enabling detection of failures on any of the surfaces of the optical component.

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Creative Commons License
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