Calling is a very important, critical, and basic service. Some users may employ a single client application to serve their critical calling needs. However, in the event of a software defect or a crash, such an application may not function properly, thus impacting the critical calling service. Commonly, there is no built-in backup application overlay that may be automatically invoked when an application fails, thus resulting in a loss of service. Techniques are presented herein that strengthen calling application reliability by introducing redundant application overlays using the same user, device, and network profile. Such techniques may catapult calling service provider reliability to best-in-class and may provide a significant competitive advantage. Additionally, edge application overlays may be further customized depending upon the surrounding environmental parameters. As one example, a home environment may employ application 1 on a personal computer (PC) edge form factor, a car environment may employ application 2 on a mobile form factor, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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