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The invention relates to a smart cooking lid for cookware and for assisting a user in a cooking process. Such a cooking process is performed on a kitchen appliance system, e.g., a hob system including a cooking utensil, the smart cooking lid fitting with the size of the cooking utensil, and a hob appliance. The smart lid comprises a handle, a communication arrangement, and an infrared temperature sensor(s). The wireless communication arrangement and the infrared (IR) temperature sensor(s) are placed inside the handle of the multi-size cooking lid. The IR temperature sensor(s) is arranged to capture the area where the food is located. A wireless communication arrangement includes a μC (Microcontroller) unit with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi unit for communicating with a mobile device. During a cooking process, the μC unit delivers signals, including the measured food temperature obtained by the IR temperature sensor(s) detecting the food temperature placed on the pot/pan, to a mobile device. As a result, the mobile device, including a corresponding application (APP), can present information on its HUI (Human User Interface) and enables the user to track the food temperature and determine whether to further control the hob appliance. Accordingly, the invention provides a smart cooking lid applicable to all kinds of existing kitchen appliances and cookware, and capable of contributing to a precise temperature information presented on APP/HUI.

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Creative Commons License
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