Enterprises wish to provide access policies for private cellular networks that are tailored to a building's use. In support of such an enterprise use case, techniques are presented herein that apply 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) approaches for geographies, tracking areas, and access barring in innovative ways to realize a standards-compliant solution. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass novel floor-centric policies, whereby an enterprise may maintain a mapping of tracking areas to the floors of a building such that a floor may be uniquely determined by an association with one or more tracking areas. Under further aspects of the presented techniques, security and policy groups may comprise 'cellular home networks' to cater to visitor and guest scenarios in addition to, for example, international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI)-based groups. Under still further aspects of the presented techniques, the existing 3GPP subscription data attribute Operator-Barring may be leveraged to apply an enterprise access policy in a private cellular access network.

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Creative Commons License
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