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3D printers are powerful tools for companies involved in prototyping since they can iterate designs much faster than other technologies. The main difference between HP MultiJet Fusion 3D and their competitors is the usage of agents to, accurately, generate and form the desired part’s exact shape. This accuracy is even more important when a customer starts optimizing and challenging the system by start printing low-volume parts (small, detailed parts, hollowed parts with thin walls, lattice, etc.) to improve its TCO by reducing printer material. In this type of application, the accuracy of the dot placement from the fluids at the media is very important as any small error could end with a high cosmetic issue or a drop on mechanical properties from the part. On this document, it is described a procedure which allows the end customer to fine tune its machine alignment at a real voxel level – allowing to adjust 21um dot placement on a real 3D printed part.

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Creative Commons License
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