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A computing device (e.g., a smartphone, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a smartwatch, etc.) may use a Bezier curve (e.g., a parametric curve) or a series of Bezier curves (i.e., a Bezier spline) to determine a path object (e.g., data or code specifying nodes or points that form a path) that traverses (e.g., coincides, corresponds in position to, etc.) the outer border edge of a corner of a graphical element. The shape of the Bezier curves may be based on a number of customizable parameters, including, but not limited to, a radius parameter, a circularity parameter, a smoothness parameter, and a roundness parameter. By leveraging one or more Bezier curves, the techniques allow for the generation of rounded corners that are smooth and continuous, which may improve the visual appearance of the graphical element. In addition, by providing customizable parameters, the techniques allow for greater flexibility in the design of rounded corners, which may also improve the visual appearance of the graphical element.

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