A method and a system for performing transaction based on a Crypto Now Pay Later (CNPL) scheme. The method comprises displaying a payment options window on a user device on successful selection of a product or a service. Further, the method comprises receiving a payment method selection from a customer from the payment options window for payment of the product or the service and performing transaction for payment of the product or service based on the payment method selection. Thereafter, the method comprises presenting a payment transaction statement in equivalent of stable coin value for the performed transaction at an end of billing cycle. Lastly, the method comprises providing a crypto-based payment method option and a fiat currency/stable coin value-based payment option to the customer to pay to a CNPL provider for the performed transaction at the end of billing cycle for the product or the service. This approach introduces customers to cryptocurrency-based transaction in manner that makes them comfortable and allows them to overcome their hesitancy in using cryptocurrency for transactions.

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Creative Commons License
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