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The invention relates to a connector module for a cooktop assembly. A cooktop assembly is mainly used in a cooking appliance, e.g., kitchen hobs. A cooktop assembly comprises an improved single structured frame called a multi-functional carrier. The multi-functional carrier is responsible for holding all the cooktop components together. A multi-functional carrier comprises several cut-outs sections, fixation points, and promise springs to secure the cooktop components. One such cooktop component is called the “connector module.” The connector module is placed in a specific area of the multi-functional carrier and comprises a pin box, a plurality of sockets, and a group connector (plugs). The connector module is responsible for supplying electrical power from the external power board to the internal electronic components of the cooktop assembly. The connector module is designed to eliminate the complex wiring connections by using a group connector for each cooktop component. A separate group connector each runs from the respective electronic component (e.g., the induction coils and the user interface) towards the connector module. Further, these group connectors are plugged into the sockets of the connector module. Compared to the conventional cooktop assembly using several individual wires for connections with complex routings, the proposed connector module establishes a simple connecting arrangement between the power boards and peripheral cooktop components, thus making it less expensive and easier to switch connecting status.

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