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The invention relates to a cooktop assembly for a cooking appliance. The cooktop assembly comprises a multi-functional carrier, a top glass-ceramic, an induction coil(s), an electronic power board, a power electronics housing, a connector box, and a user interface(s). The multi-functional carrier has an improved single frame structure to hold all the cooktop components together and is directly glued onto the larger surface of the top glass-ceramic. The multi-functional carrier comprises several cut-outs sections, fixation points, and promise springs intended to achieve fully automatic assembly of the cooktop components with precise alignments. Unlike the conventional cooktops with manual assembly and using several support frames, the multi-functional carrier allows the fixations of all cooktop components with high precision, thus achieving an automatic assembly. The invention, thus, eliminates misalignments in the vertical positioning of the induction coils, improving user cooking performance and also allowing the fixation of all relevant components automatically with a top-to- bottom sequence in the assembly.

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Creative Commons License
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