This publication describes systems and techniques for defining and enforcing privacy restrictions for software applications that can execute on different versions of an operating system, including versions of operating systems that do not natively support enforcement of privacy features and restrictions for software applications. Applications may be written using a software development kit (SDK), which may include a library that defines application programming interfaces (APIs) and privacy characteristics of the features of the applications built using such APIs. The applications written using the SDK may execute within containers that apply constraints to actions that applications executing within the containers can perform. The SDK in conjunction with the containers may impose privacy restrictions on applications built using the SDK and that execute within the containers, such as enforcing restrictions on functions and APIs that the applications may invoke, enforcing restrictions on the applications’ use of network data, enforcing restrictions on the application’s use of data outputted by sensors of computing devices (e.g., cameras, microphones, global positioning system (GPS) sensors or other location sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.), and the like.

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Creative Commons License
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