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Holochain combines hashing, digital signatures, and Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) to form a tamper-proof distributed ledger. Holochain uses digital signatures for authenticity and ownership of the data, which uses dual-key (public key-private key pair) cryptography. Each hash-chain entry is cryptographically signed and in multi-party interactions, like transactions, it is mutually counter-signed by both the parties. Currently Holochain systems uses Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) to generate keys of various types i.e., revocation, identity, encryption, signing. But there are no existing techniques which consider using TPM (for hardware) or vTPM (for software/virtual) to generate private key and public key pair required for authentication and encryption, also existing techniques does not use attestation information to provide trust in the Holochain based systems. The techniques presented herein propose method to use TPM/vTPM and attestation information for Holochain based system to provide authentication and encryption along with trust. This method simplify some of the Key management aspects of DPKI. As per this method, use TPM (for hardware) and vTPM (for virtual) certificate for device identity and authenticate the peer device using private and public keys populated by the TPM/vTPM. Private and Public Key pair is used to generate symmetric keys for encryption. Along with generating keypairs using TPM/vTPM, this method incorporate attestation method to provide proof of integrity, freshness of proof of integrity and known good values.

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Creative Commons License
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