This publication describes systems and techniques directed at improving the speed and accuracy at which an image capture device focuses on a subject in a macrophotography application. In some aspects, the image capture device may have a macrophotography mode, a proximity sensor, and an autofocus optical system. The autofocus optical system may be configured to determine if the image capture device is in a video/photo mode and use the proximity sensor to detect a subject in the field of view (FOV) of the image capture device. Responsive to determining that the image capture device is in a video/photo mode and detecting the subject in the FOV of the image capture device, the autofocus optical system may direct the image capture device to enable the macrophotography mode and/or drive one or more focusing elements to specific position intervals. By so doing, the autofocus optical system enables the image capture device, via the macrophotography mode and the proximity sensor, to focus on a subject more quickly and accurately in macrophotography applications.

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Creative Commons License
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