Online interactive services provide the ability for users to create profiles that specify their preferences and/or interests and showcase their photos. It is burdensome and time-consuming for users to provide manual input of the various pieces of information included in such profiles and to keep the profile updated over time. This disclosure describes techniques for automating the generation of a user profile for an online service. With user permission, a preview of the proposed user profile for a new service is generated automatically based on information about the user aggregated from the user’s other accounts. Data from the other accounts is aggregated and analyzed to determine the user’s interests and other relevant information needed for filling out the profile. The inferred interests and preferences are ranked and specific data are selected to be added to the profile, e.g., based on the likely appeal of that information for the audience on the new service. Once confirmed by the user, the information is posted to the user’s profile for the given online service.

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Creative Commons License
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